People with multiple legs

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

One of the most unusual anomalies created by nature, are substantive, growing directly from the human body ...These latter are often very distorted, the body is entirely dependent on "brother" or "sisters", which feed on a variety of juices, and therefore referred to as parasitic twins ... ...

Josephine Myrtle Corbin - chetyrehnogaya woman - born in Tennessee in 1868 ...

Its parasitic twin «bestowed» Myrtle extra legs ... rightly said, she had two full body from the waist down - two young hip small legs connected with the thigh outside leg ...
Жозефин Миртл Корбин могла двигать малыми ногами, но не могла использовать их для ходьбы... Josephine Myrtle Corbin can move small feet, but could not use them to walk ...

A Shivshankari Yamanappa Mutageri - our sovremennitsa - was born in India in 1978 ... His third leg - an alloy of two feet, has nine fingers ... Shivshankari believes - as well as the many people in her tiny village - that her third leg is a symbol of divine blessing ... Noga, by the way say, allows it to earn enough money to support his entire family ...

Maxine Mina was born in the Philippines at about 1896 ...

As an adult, showed itself at an exhibition in Atlantic City ...

Rudy Santos, called born in the Philippines ... He had three legs and four hands, although one of his legs below the knee was underdeveloped.

Twin, parasitizing on it was also the head consisting of the ear and a small plot volosatogo scalp, the speaker of breast Rudy Santos ...

In 1931, Betty Lou Williams have a child become a major exhibit in the museum dikovinok Dick Best in New York.This charming little black girl surprised everyone.

On the left side of her stomach grew sister of the twins, who had two legs and one arm attached to the massive SARS.

Betty Lou had an incredible appetite, because the helm of two bodies.Since vzrosleniem Betty with the same velocity increased its "sister".

Despite the anomaly, Betty Louis slyla charming woman and enjoys huge popularity.
Selling their own photos with autographs, she earned up to $ 500 a week!Being generous by nature, Betty built their own house for 40 thousand dollars and sent to study at universities in almost all of their relatives.

George Lippert entered the history of medicine that, in addition to extra limbs, he has been too much heart.And one of his heart stopped for several weeks before his death.But Lippert died not of his stops, and tuberculosis.If not for this terrible illness, he could live many more years.
George Lippert served in a circus Barnuma and had great success so far has not arrived from Italy eight Francesco Lentini, who not only had the third leg, but she manages to play football. Такой способностью он моментально снискал себе славу и популярность. This ability, he instantly won himself fame and popularity.

Francesco Lentini lived a long life.He happily married and had four children into the world.All his legs were working normally. И не только ноги. And not just the legs. Lentini had two sets of well-functioning male genitals.

It is easy to respect, livable nature Francesco, that most rare among people with severe disabilities.Lentini explains that his attitude to life has influenced stay in school for children with disabilities.There, the boy saw the blind, legless and paralyzed peers.«I realized that I was not so misery, as they are», - said Francesco.

Because of its nature, Lentini enjoyed the love and respect people.These he first nicknames «Trehnogoe miracle» and «King Urodov» soon gave way to respect «King».

Francesco could not only play football, but also ride on horseback, bicycle and car.He also maintained that the third leg of the voyage with helping him because he can use it as a rudder.

For Francesco often wondered how he reached shoes in the right quantities.
"I take two pairs Conventional and then pay extra to his one-legged friend" - joked Lentini.
The famous tripod people died, surrounded by loving family members.This once again proves that happiness does not depend on the number of legs, but on what is the head man.

Laloo, was born in India in 1869.The head of his "brother" was in the chest "master".A shorter, double up the body flap, as bib on his stomach and seemed not alive, only occasionally moving limbs."The brother-parasite has a big penis and sometimes obdaval urine of his brother ...

Chetyrehnogaya girl Lakshimi Tatma was born in India, the city state of Bihar. Biennial girl had to make the operation of 200 000 dollars to save a life.


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