The oldest tree of the Earth

Friday, December 5, 2008

Born and die of civilization, witnessed and gasli revolution, towering into the sky «mushrooms» nuclear explosions and on the slopes of Mount White Mountain in California all this millennium lived and are living pine - the oldest tree of the Earth.Umey she said, many instructive, perhaps, would be able to tell.But the silent pine, and the only branch of its shumyat by gusts of wind.

Before the National Park Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest (Les enduring ancient pines) is not easy to get. Он лежит в стороне It rests on the sidelines
from the pole tourist roads, rather high in the mountains and most of the year closed due to snow.It is in this reserve are growing the most ancient trees on our planet.Their age is measured by thousands of years, a very old named Methuselah now in 4772.

Methuselah himself discovered in 1953 by scientist Edmund Schulman, who after five years it has published an article in the magazine «National dzhiogrefik». Hit the pine world fame nearly killed the tree, because each visitor tried to take the memory of a piece of bark or branch.The tree badly damaged over the years, yet access to it was open to all and there was a plate certification age.

photo by clancyloox


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